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Terms and Conditions
This website and all of the services that it offers and provides are part of the overall company Velox. By using the contents of this website, whether it be in the website itself or through an outside source, you are hereby subjecting yourself to all of the terms of conditions written below. Velox as an enterprise reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as it sees fit. In the event that there are any changes to these terms the clause above stating “last updated” will change accordingly and all who use any content pertaining to the Velox website or the Velox company itself will be subjected these new terms and conditions.

Proprietary Content
All contents included in this website, whether accessed from the website itself or from an outside source, are protected by but not limited to: trademarks, copyrights, trade dress and other foreign laws if and when applicable. All third party content including but not limited to, distributors, suppliers, clients and outside agencies are protected under the same legally binding forces and other legal forces when applicable. Any and all the content from this website, no matter how it is accessed, is the property of Velox and its business associates. Therefore any and all uses of this content for the purpose of market research, business practice imitation or any slanderous or illegal activity is strictly prohibited. In addition to what has previously been stated it is strictly prohibited to copy or otherwise imitate the content of the Velox website. In the event that anything in the previous sentences proceeds or is in process the violators of our terms and conditions will be subject to any and all punishments applicable by but not limited to: international copyright and trademark laws, the laws of the United federation of Mexico as well as the penal process of the United States of America.

Illegal uses of the Website
This website is intended to allow its users to browse and purchase the products offered by Velox. Altering this website in any way without the written consent of Velox is strictly prohibited and can be punishable by any or all of the legally binding forces stated in the the “Proprietary Content” section. In addition, it is also strictly prohibited for anyone outside of Velox to alter any account regardless of the account recipient. All accounts are property of Velox before, during and after money and product transactions. In the event an account has been altered or accessed without owner’s consent (owner of company and account recipient) the culprit responsible will be brought to face legal action and therefore receive just legal punishment by any and all legally binding forces applicable to the situation. Furthermore, accessing the coding of this website, regardless of the reason for doing so, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Velox. All of our code is strictly regulated and protected under various copyright and trademark laws. If code is accessed, altered, stolen or destroyed in anyway without the consent of Velox the party responsible for this actions will be brought to receive all applicable legal action. The use of cookies or other advertising tools will not be tolerated within the website or in any of the Velox accounts or possessions. Any advertising tools such as but not limited to cookies or advertising programs will be deleted immediately and if these tools can not be deleted legal action will be taken to ensure that the are disposed of accordingly as well as to ensure that the party responsible is punished for the violation of our “Terms and Conditions” .

User Privacy
All account information is protected through the Velox server. Velox will not at any time authorize any transactions unless we have written consent by both the Velox production team as well as the customer. By accepting the finalized price given through our Paypal cart option you are giving written consent and contractual agreement of the price offered. The only way to change this legally binding agreement is to contact a Velox employee and create a new contract. All transactions and personal information will be kept for the sole purpose of business transactions between Velox and the customer. However, Velox does reserve the right to save and archive this information for purpose of continuing or extending business ventures. When doing any type of business through the internet there are always risks of stolen or hacked information. Velox assumes no responsibility for issues one may have with leakage, theft. or alteration of one’s personal or financial information (not limited to only these types of information). We as a company can not justly hold legal responsibility of an action that was not directly done by our company. Velox assumes no legal responsibility in the event that a party’s information is stolen or hacked. By entering our website one is thus adhering to the terms and conditions set forth and therefore one assumes the responsibility to be in accordance with our policies.

Velox reserves the right to create, discontinue or not sell products, styles or colors as it sees fit. All products on the website include shipping however these prices are subject to change for any (but not limited to) of the following reasons: increases in shipping costs, failure to receive necessary payment and added costs to ship across oceans or other large distances. Once a sales representative has quoted a price that has been agreed upon in writing by the customer as well as Velox then this price is final and can not be altered in anyway without the agreement of both parties (Velox and the customer) through a contract. If there are any questions or concerns it is always best to call Velox. Apart from prices, the colors and designs posted on the Velox website are depicted as accurately as possible. If there are any issues with a Velox product in regards to color, design or quality please refer to our return policy to see the options available.

Return Policy
For sanitary reasons Velox can not accept returns once a product has been sent. All sales are final upon payment and prices can not and will not be altered once the full quoted amount has been set unless there is a contractual agreement agreed upon by both parties (Velox and the customer). If there are any issues with the purchase pertaining to but not limited to: time of shipping, quality and quantity of product, damaged product or improper shipping it is best to speak with Velox directly to negotiate any and all alteration to the price agreed upon by both parties. Once a paypal invoice has been accepted and an invoice has been sent this is considered as a legal agreement and consent to the price set forth and therefore the customer holds the responsibility to uphold the “Payment” clause written in the “Terms and Conditions”.

All payment through the website is done through Paypal. All sales are final unless a contract is agreed upon by both parties (Velox and customer). All bills pertaining to the product must be payed in full within the times written below. Usually, Velox will begin production once the customer account has been payed. If for any reason, this does not occur, the customer is responsible for paying the account in its entirety within 72 hours upon the arrival of the product ordered. Failure to do this will result in an an all legal action applicable to the situation.

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